Numerical solution of the stress-strain state of ground dams under the action of seismic loads


Ground structures, ground dams, quarry sides, railway embankments, deformation, stresses


The aim of the work is to develop new effective methods for calculating the seismic resistance of ground dams, quarry sides, dams, slopes, dumps, taking into account the wave processes that occur during seismic impacts in the ground mass, i.e. in the body and base of the ground structure. The paper modifies the finite difference method for solving problems by the method of continuum mechanics and the engineering method for calculating slope stability. In the course of the stage, the algorithm and programs for solving problems by the MSS method and assessing the stability of slopes are developed and the reliability of the methodology, algorithm and program of the solution is shown. The developed calculation method and the obtained numerical results are the novelty of this stage of research.



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